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Born in 1946, Vespa has been Piaggio answer to automotive rising industry.

After only 14 years, in 1960, Vespa reached the amount of 2 million vehicles sold and this trend touched 10 million of sales in 1988.

In 2016 Vespa celebrated its 70th birthday with more than 18 million of vehicles sold all around the world

Timeless style and technical structure are qualities that made of Vespa an iconic, unique and inimitable product which is able to combine rational, functional and emotional elements in its famed scooters, recognizable everywhere.

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Vespa is an iconic scooter and so much more than just a means of transport:

As it stands by us in each one of our adventures and in all our urban trips, it almost become a physical extension of our body and a reflection of our personality.

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What are Vespa peculiarities?


We love elegance, sophistication and attention to the smallest details.


We follow our path straight away, inspiring freedom and influencing the way people get used to travel.

Cultural legend

Vespa is an icon and a timeless touchstone.


Vespa represents the real essence of being Italian along with its irreverent spontaneity and its load of vitality.


Vespa is way different from any other scooter as it actually is not just a scooter. Vespa is Vespa. Simply inimitable.