847.521 PRODUCTS - 77.063 REFERENCES - 63.648 EAN


We guarantee all products sold by WWTECH s.r.l. are conforming to the applicable to them Italian and European Union laws.

All products are covered by 24 months warranty. As per European law warranty is given directly to the final customer by producer (for made in EU goods) or first importer on EU sole (for goods made outside EU).

A list of "Assistance centers" per each Country is provided in the booklet and/or warranty you find with each product as well as on Official home page of each brand. (printed or digital)

If any problem should occur, we are always available to help you to sort it out, but in no case WWTECH s.r.l. can be held responsible neither for items warranties neither with supply of extra guarantees beside the one given by producer.



*This image explains watches water resistance and their correct use