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In this section you can find customers opinion about us and our service: if you wish your comment to be  published, just email gcastelli@wwt.it quoting "About us" in your message object


Customer 129062
Partnering with you guys was truly the right decision for our business. WWT is genuinely dedicated to its customers, and it clearly shows. Two thumbs up to the whole team, but particularly to Valeria and Marco, who are simply amazing (and incredibly patient with me)


Customer 126046
Saudi Arabia
I appreciate your good dealings and good manners, and I look forward to more work with you
Customer 124997
I'd like to thank you for the great cooperation this year.I really appreciate the great partners!
Customer 125407
I really appreciate your help […] you have an amazing support team!”
Customer 125695
Thanks so much for your team who are all very helpful and great assistance.

I really appreciate doing great business with you and the whole team. "
Customer 61828
I do appreciate your nice gesture.
Thank you again, always a pleasure to doing business with you :)"

Customer 115783
"Thank you for your awesome customer service"

Customer 116339
"I am your customer from South Africa, I would like to thank you WWT for best quality of watches that are 100% genuine, I am so happy and your fast shipping." 

Customer 116339
"It is the first time experiencing best service like this here at WWT, if there was any ratings for service, I would rate you guys 100% for your amazing service I have experienced. " 

Customer 76583
Thanks for wonderful service and fast shipping.
I am sorry that I wrote to many time before I placed my order, but I was doubt about ur company.
Now I know, that all is will and looking forword to have long-term cooperation.

Customer 114464
Thank you and all of your team for the efforts, what a professional approach from you guys, proud of being able to work with you.

Customer 113968
The customer service i have received so far has really boosted my confidence in using your company


Customer 67811
Thanks for your help!
This is why WWT is the best company in the world :)

Customer 67811
Valeria & Emanuele, we are very satisfied with the cooperation, awesome service and we always felt secure with WWT. Keep up the good work!

Customer 112656
I really appreciate your customer service and attitude regarding quality.


Customer 111231
You have provided a great collaboration since the first contact, your support is much appreciated.


Customer 9374
Perfect, thanks for an excellent service.


Customer 79223
And from the bottom of my heart, I love you guys, and thank you for believing in me for so long to finally get to this point.
Your assistance has been instrumental in making this thing work for me!!

Customer 93649
I’m already impressed with the customer service response you provided. It’s very clear. Thanks!

Customer 79223
Thank you for the prompt service as always


Customer 92304
Thank you for your helpful reply! 

I really appreciate all the details and description! 
I take this opportunity to say that your customer service is excellent!

Customer 40082
"Danke für die schnelle Antwort. Ein toller Support!"

Customer 66164
"Super Service"

Customer 88886
"Thank you for your assistance, I have been very impress by your stellar customer service!"

Customer 89414
"Thank you Valeria! You're providing excellent suppor"


Customer 89385
"Valeria sure has been really nice and helpful to us"


Customer 89385
"Just logged in and everything seems to be working. Big, big thanks to you again!"

Customer 67693
"Thank you for your always very kind service"


Customer 67400
"Everything was very good, thank you very much for the fast service. This is very important for us. "