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WWT.it is a website that is specialized in wholesale of watches and jewels to wholesalers, shops, eBay sellers and other retailers of watches and fashion accessories with a regular VAT-number.

WWT.it is a portal for wholesale and we do not sell to private customers. From January 2011 we don't apply any minimun of order.

If you have requests below Euro 300,00 (our minimun until december 2010), it has consequences for the extra cost of Euro 20,00:
infact, orders between 300,00 € and 1.000,00€ are subject to an extra fee 
Only exception are order of watches from the current year collection. In this case the minimum order is not displayed in a minimum price but in a minimum quantity of products: this because these goods are usually ordered upon request directly to the official distributor.
In this case, minimum orderable quantity is clearly shown on the top of the offer.


Our shopping basket is similar to the shopping basket in a supermarket. You can add and remove products at any time and at any quantity you wish. When you find a product you like, you enter desired quantity (which can not be higher than the number of pcs. in ready stock).

Repeat this for all the products of the same brand and finally you can add these products to your basket by clicking on the button ‘add to basket’ at the bottom of the page. Repeat this process for all the brands you wish to purchase.

IMPORTANT: at this time you still have not made the order! Continue to look for everything you would like to purchase and take a look at our offers. You can check your status of your order anytime through the icon ‘basket’. We are not loading your products when they are still in your basket!
After you have found everything you would like to buy and are informed of our special offers you can check your basket one more time. If you want to delete a product from your basket you can use the icon ‘Junk’ or you indicate ‘0’ as quantity you would like to order. After the changes you have to update the basket.
After this last check, you can confirm your purchase by choosing a form of payment.

At this point you can see to costs of transport (we use UPS -DHL or FEDEX), the costs of insurance (1%), any extra handling fees (orders below 300,00- €), and charges for payment method (payment by bank wire are free of charges, while for COD or credit cards, we simply add net cost UPS or credit card companies ask us).

We remind you have to be a registered user to order from us.