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If you already know the Name or the Code of the product you are looking for, you can use our "Search" TYPE, otherwise you search into the category of your watch. Our product are divided per category in 3 main groups:

- Plastic collection
- Skin Collection
- Irony Collection

Inside each group products are again divided into smaller classes (sub-categories ) (ex.: Category: Plastic Collection; Sub-Categories: Gent, Lady, Scuba, etc.). You will find the name, the code and usually also a picture of the product. Sometimes a small description is added, especially for item featuring unique peculiarity. If you use the Search TYPE, just write what you know about the product, and click on the search button. The TYPE will look into our database, scanning not only name and codes, but also into the description (where available). Ex.: you are looking for a watch from Spring/Summer 2000 Plastic Collection Name: Heartbeat Code: GN 187 Description: St.Valentine's Day Special Your watch will be found not only if you write "Hearbeat" or GN187, but also if you write only "Heart", or "special" or "Valentine".