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All invoices will not be added in your parcels, instead they will be send via e-mail in .pdf format to e-mail address provided when registering on our website.

Electronic invoices completely replace traditional one usually send either via postal service or by placing them into each order.

Italian tax law fully allowed electronic invoices as per following articles:


R.M. n. 571134 - 19/07/88 - (e-mail);

R.M. n. 450217 - 30/07/90 - (computerized procedures);
R.M. n. 107 - 04/07/01 - (invoices delivery);

R.M. n. 202/E - 04/12/01 - (invoices storage).


These laws provide important clarifications of the conditions for eligibility under art. 21 D.P.R. 26/10/72, n.633, related to invoices delivery methods with combined systems joint based on the use of PC, fax and e-mail.



Only for export orders (non-EEC orders) three printed copies of original invoice will be added to each shipping for Custom purposes.