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We will evaluate your stock for a change: if you accept our offer, you will invoice us your goods and get a credit you will be able to spend for any purchase on our web site.


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·         File format: Excel (or compatible)

·         Mandatory fields: Brand; Reference; Quantity; SRP

·         Optional fields: Article or collection name; Description; Product image


     Optional fields, if available, will  help us to give you a more accurate and faster feedback.
Your offer has to be e-mailed to: gcastelli@wwt.it. We will answer you a.s.a.p.





- Each item has to include original packaging and all official papers (booklets, warranty cards, certificates, etc.)

- Goods has to be unworn and in perfect mint conditions: products with minor scratches, yellowed or faded colors on the strap or any other problem will be refused. All quartz watches must arrive with fresh batteries: non working items will be returned.

- Boxes and packaging will have to be of the correct brand and model. In case of items with special packaging (ex.: limited edition), these will have to be clearly specified.

- Every item will have to be received exactely as indicated on initial Excel offer. All items will have their official SKU label/tag.

- In case of a shipping made of multiple parcels, parcel N.1 will have to clearly state shipper data and detailed packing list.


- Delivery is on seller charge.