847.522 PRODUCTS - 77.063 REFERENCES - 63.648 EAN


All our shipments are handled by DHL, FedEx and UPS. In order to offer you the best possible service, from our warehouse right to your door, we work with the best international carries and we avoid postal service.
To find out shipping costs to your destination,  simply add desired goods in the basket: our system will automatically calculate weight and volume of your potential order and will give delivery charge.
By default, all our parcels travel insured ; insurance service costs 1.2% and they are invoiced in your bill. Insurance is not mandatory and it can be removed: in this case, your order will not be covered for thefts, damages and any other accident may occur during transport and it will travel at your own risk.

Once shipped, you can track on-line in real time your delivery by:

    ·  Clicking on air way bill (AWB) number appearing on our shipping confirmation e-mail
    ·  Filling in your AWB number in Courier windows on our home-page
    ·  Going to “Your Orders” section on our home-page and clicking on your order AWB number
    ·  Writing your AWB number in DHL, Fedex and UPS websites.