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Backorders & Returns


We guarantee you all products are exempt from defects. In the case you should find a defect in a product, you  have to inform us as soon as possible and however within 8 days



Our warehouse usually checks all batteries; in any case prior claiming for a non working product kindly check the battery. If the problem should persist you have to follow this automatic procedure.


Connect to www.wwt.it


Make login

° Click on “Your oders” 

° Click on  “Open for claim” referred to the order which contains reference you should send back  to us. 

° Put refence quantity  you should send back

° Fill in the apposite field with “reason of claim”

° Click on “Update” 

° Click on“Confirm”


Our staff will receive an automatic e-mail and you’ll be informed  when we will take care of your request. 

Please, pay attention : if our staff put note/communication you can easy read them in the note field, at the end of the automatic e-mail.   


At this time, your request can be:   

    - Accepted**
    - Partially accepted **
    - Refused : you’ll receive an e-mail with reason

Every time we change your request status, you’ll be informed in real time as our system allows us to inform you when reference has been:

- received 

- repaired/changed  

- refunded 


You can check your request status every time you want, by making login on our web portal and click on “Claims”   


* if you do not fill in this field the procedure cannot be activated   

** you’ll receive an e-mail with the full address where you can ship your items/s 


Every time you need to talk about your claim status, please be so kind to report us info you can find in the automatic e-mail, with particularly attention to  claim order number assigned  (see example here below)



Client code

Order Number

N. Claim








All products has to be returned in the same conditions in which it has been supplied, with box, booklet, guarantee. No cases we will accept used items. 

No cases we will accept returns for changes of mind.


For problems occurring during normal product life, you can refer to Official Guarantee of the producer. A list of "Assistance centres" per each Country is provided in the booklet and/or warranty you find with each product as well as on the official producer home page.